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With so many different electronic gadgets and mobile device available today, there are a lot of people who loves collecting them. But there is one problem that most people who love gadgets are tired of dealing with and that is the different chargers they have to use. Charging different devices is very tiring. Your place will become messy because of the chords and wires getting tangled. But worry no more because wireless charging pads are now available.

Wireless charging pads are basically devices that powers up the battery of different handheld devices by conducting electromagnetic fields. This is a very useful device today because of the growing numbers of different handheld devices.

Wireless charging pads have many benefits and advantages. If you are the type of person who is very busy or loves to travel, wireless charging pads will be very handy for you. They are portable and very easy to use. You can just put them on a desk or counter which can add beauty to your office.

If you want to find affordable wireless charging pads with good quality, one of the best places to start searching is on the internet. Here is a list of wireless charging pads that can help you keep your handheld devices fully charged and ready to go.

#1 – Duracell Mygrid Starter Kit 

Duracell Mygrid Starter Kitis a charging device that people who loves gadgets would really want to have. If you have different phones and iPod or other gadgets this wireless charging device will be very useful to you. You do not need to worry about wires and plugs and other chargers that are plugged in the outlet. You can just leave your devices on the pad and then you can do anything you want. This Duracell Mygrid Starter Kit includes everything you need to get started. This charging device works with Nokia, Blackberry and Nokia.

#2 – Powermat Home & Office Mat – Wireless charging mat 

Powermat Home & Office Mat – Wireless charging matis a portable charging device for electronic devices. Portable charging mats are very popular today. With POWERMATT wireless charging system, you will be able to charge all your electronic devices even if you are not at home. It provides simple, fast and efficient way of charging multiple electronic devices. Experience the future of charging electronic devices with wireless charging mat from C5. Latest technology was used in developing this wireless charging mat so you will definitely love its features and benefits.

#3 – iHome IB969G Charging Station for iPad, iPod, iPhone, BlackBerrys and eReaders 

There are lots of different charging devices nowadays. Most of them are wireless and portable which makes them very handy for people who are always on the go. If you want to keep all your electronic devices fully charged and ready to go, you might want to have iHome IB969G Charging Station for iPad, iPod, iPhone, BlackBerrys and eReaders. This charging station is very easy to use and can be used for different gadgets today. This is one of the most popular charging station for e-readers, Blackberries, iPods and iPhones. A great item for gadget lovers.

#4 – Bluelounge Refresh Charging Tray 

Are you having hard time keeping your electronic devices fully charged? If you are the type of person that loves electronic devices and you always want to have your gadgets ready to go, Bluelounge Refresh Charging Traywill answer all your needs. This compact charging tray is compatible for different devices. It has different connectors for various devices hidden under the false bottom which can be lifted for easy access. It can charge three to four devices at the same time and is very simple to use. A charging tray that will keep your devices ready to go always.

#5 – Charge4All 52901V Portable Charging Mat 

Charge4All 52901V Portable Charging Mat is just one of the charging mats that a techie person would want to have. This portable charging mat can safely charge up to four devices simultaneously. It uses a single power source so you can ensure that it is energy efficient. Your devices will be safe as you charge them because of the silicone roll up mat. It also includes 5 Smart charging adapters. An AC adapter is included upon purchase and has a 1 year warranty. A portable charging mat that will charge your digital devices safely.

#6 – Space Saver Charging Valet 

Digital devices are all over the market today. If you have different devices at home, it could be tiring to charge them one by one and it will also look messy with the wires and cords all over the place. If you want to charge your phones and other electronic devices, you can try using Space Saver Charging Valet. With the help Space Saver Charging Valet, you will be able to charge your electronic devices orderly in one place at the same time. No need to worry anymore about cords and wires. It has an attractive cherry finish too that will look good on your desk.


#7 – Duracell myGrid Power Sleeve for iPod touch 

With so many electronic devices available today, many people who loves gadgets are having trouble when it comes to charging these devices. That is why portable charging stations, mats and pads were developed. If you are tired hiding your charging chords on your counters or desks, why not use Duracell myGrid Power Sleeve for iPod touch. This Power Sleeve is compatible for iPod touch from 1st and 2nd generation. You do not need to worry about the daily hassle of finding the right chords and wires for you mobile devices. Charging is made simple by using Duracell myGrid Power Sleeve for iPod touch.

#8 – i.Sound iPad Power View Pro Charge Station 

If you love iPhones and you have different iPhone devices, the i.Sound iPad Power View Pro Charge Stationis a device that you must have. It has a very unique design that can charge 2 iPhones or iPods at the same time. The 2 included docks will let you charge your electronic devices without worrying about the wires. In addition to that, it also includes 2 usb ports in the back where you can charge any usb device. This is one of the best dual chargers available today that can meet your needs.

#9 – Apple iPad Dock 

Are you having problem with syncing and charging your iPad? Apple iPad Dockcan be the solution you are looking for. By using this iPad dock, your device will sit uprightly in the dock as it sync and at the same time it charges too. This is perfect to put on a desk or counter. The dock can hold the iPad and you will be able to use it. You will have no problem anymore when it comes to charging and syncing your iPad safely. iPads are very popular today so this Apple iPad Dockis also in demand.

#10 – Case Mate Wireless Charging Pad & Case 4 iPhone 3G 3GS 

If you are a very busy person and you need your mobile devices to be charged always, one of the best things to have is a wireless charging pad. There are so many wireless charging pads nowadays that can help you get the battery life of your mobile devices back. Case Mate Wireless Charging Pad & Case 4 iPhone 3G 3GSis just one of them. This wireless charging pad is compatible with Apple devices. If you have different Apple electronic devices then you must have a Case Mate Wireless Charging Pad & Case 4 iPhone 3G 3GSthat will charge them safely and quickly.



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  1. Timmy says:

    A few years ago I bought a wireless charing mat when they first came out and didn’t like it very much. I could never get a good connection and so the device would either charge very slowly or not at all. It really turned me off the things to be truthful. A few months ago for my birthday some folks from the office got together and bought me a grass charging station and it works really well, while looking pretty good too. It sits on my desk and whenever people realize that it’s fake I just explain the thing to them and they are amazed. Anyway I would recommend these charging plant things to anyone.

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