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With the advancement of technology today, many modern mobile phones and other touch screen devices feature a capacitive touchscreen. Gadgets with this feature have high quality, solid glass screens that look great and extremely durable. However, they have one noticeable drawback and that is they do not work when you are wearing gloves. So, you will need to remove your gloves if you want to text or call in winter. This will expose your hands to the cold weather. Unless, you use specially manufactured touchscreen texting gloves.

By using touchscreen texting gloves, you will be able to fully access your touchscreen devices effortlessly. This pair of gloves will let you use your favorite touch screen gadget, while keeping your hands warm and toasty. They may look like ordinary winter gloves, but if you look closely, you will notice unique properties. With these unique features, you will be able to touch and swipe on a touchscreen without taking off the glove.

The principle behind every touchscreen glove is very simple. Normal gloves are created with cotton or synthetic fabric which is an electrical insulator. This means that it does not conduct electricity. So the gloves will block the tiny electrical currents that pass between the finger and the capacitive touchscreen. This will not detect where on the screen the use has touched. But, in touchscreen texting gloves, an additional element is included in the design process to address this problem.

If you are looking for touchscreen texting gloves, so that you can use your favorite touchscreen phones and other devices in winter, here are some of the most popular choices among consumers.

#1 – Womens Magic Texting Glove with Conductive Yarn Finger Tips for iPhone, iPad and all touch screen devices

These fantastic gloves work extremely well. Using these gloves on touch screen is better than using your fingers and a considerable improvement over any of the capacitive touch screen stylus versions before.  The WOmens Magic Texting Glove works well with iPhone, iPad Androids and with all touch screen phones and GPS. It has a special conductive yarn on the thumb and index finger of both hands. This allows texting while the gloves are worn. These gloves are perfect when waiting for the bus in the bitter cold. A great product that is worth the buy.

#2 – Agloves Bamboo Touch Screen Gloves, Iphone Gloves, Texting Gloves

Here is a revolutionary touchscreen glove that increases fingertip conductivity and reduces screen smudges and fingerprints. The Agloves Bamboo allows users to have full access to all touchscreen devices without the carbon footprint. These gloves feel so soft and top-rated for precision and accuracy. The lightweight gloves create a barrier between you and germs, so you will stay cleaner and connected. The best thing about Agloves Bamboo Touch Screen Gloves will not heat up your hands during warm months, but will keep you warm during winter. That is one of the unique benefits of the Agloves Bamboo Touch Screen Gloves.

#3 – Text Gloves – Pair of Texting Glove for Touch Screen Phones 

Here is a touch screen phone smart gloves that will keep you connected all the time. This pair of texting glove for touch screen phones features a super warm material construction form fitting one size fits all design. It also has active touch screen compatibility on both hand tips of your thumb, pointer finger and middle finger. This pair of smart gloves has an accurate form fitting design which is not only ideal for texting, but also for gaming. Works with all touch screen devices including iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Blackberry and all other touch screen Phones.

#4 – Ladies Winter Fleece Magic Touch Screen Thumb Index Technology Gloves Black

Introducing the new and improved Ladies Magic Touch and Thumb Index Touch Screen Ski Water Repellent Gloves. This pair of gloves has improved quality and fit. Keep hour gloves on & adjust your touch screen. A pair of fashion gloves that is super warm and comfortable. The Ladies Winter Fleece Magic Touch Screen Thumb Index Technology Gloves is ideal for iPods, iPhone, iTouch and other touch screen phones. You can use your fingers fast without taking off the gloves. Not only great for texting, but it can also compliment easily to any outfit. A great gift to anyone.

#5 – SwypeGloves Black Texting Gloves

Here is a pair of gloves that allows you to operate your touch sensitive screens and devices with ten finger flawless precision, while keeping you warm. The SwypeGloves Black Texting Gloves is infused with conductive fibers for increased fingertips conductivity. It is compatible with all common touchscreen devices like iPods, iPhones, Androids and more. These gloves are woven with premium luxurious Australian wool, which can provide pure softness. With the unique herringbone weave, it can provide breathable comfort, while special stretch yarn and ribbed cuffs provide a lasting snug fit. These gloves are also unisex and will expand to your hand size.

#6 – Etre Fivepoint Gloves

Looking for gloves that can keep your hands warm and dry that will allow you to use your touch screen devices with ease? Introducing the Etre Fivepoint Gloves. The Fivepoint gloves does not only allow you to use your touch screen devices while keeping your hands warm and dry, but are also stylish, fun and practical. These gloves can be used for your iPod, iPhone, Androids and other touch screen devices. No need to take your gloves off if you want to use your touch screen devices. The stretchy pure wool fits most hand sizes. With the Etre Fivepoint Gloves, you will always be connected.

#7 – Men’s Black Texting Touch Screen Knit Gloves

The Men’s Black Texting Touch Screen Knit Gloves are the ideal accessories that will allow you to use your touch screen phones, while keeping your hands dry and warm. The thumb and index finger on each glove has a special tip that allows your fingers to access any touch screen device that you have. You will no longer need to take off your gloves in order to stay connected. The Men’s Black Texting Touch Screen Knit Glovesis made of 95% Acrylic and 5% Spandex. Not only for practical purposes but also for fashion comfort and warmth.

#8 – Ladies Thinsulate Glomitt Fingerless Touch Gloves Black

Introducing the new Ladies Thinsulate Glomitt Fingerless Touch Gloves. This super soft and warm pair of gloves is the hottest look of the season. The Ladies Thinsulate Glomitt Fingerless Touch Gloves is perfect for different types of outdoor activities. With its new and improved quality and fit, this fashion gloves features a flip up for mitten and flip down for fingerless. Using it for iPods, iPhones and other touch screen devices. It also holds body heat and will not absorb water. Great gloves for outdoor activities that can allow you to use your touch screen devices anytime.

#9 – CTM Women’s Hi-Tech Knit Texting Gloves

If you have different touch screen phones and gadgets, then the CTM Women’s Hi-Tech Knit Texting Gloves is perfect for you. This pair of gloves will let you stay warm while you send texts on any touch screen gadget. Look trendy and stay connected with these gloves. It features a special material on the index, second finger and thumb that will allow the warmth of your fingers to activate the screen without exposing your hands to the cold. Hi-fashion style texting gloves with bright and eye-catching colors. made of 100% polyester for warmth and comfort.

#10 – Phone Smart Touch Screen Texting Gloves

Introducing the Phone Smart Touch Screen Texting Gloves that will allow you to use your touch screen phones and other gadgets without removing your glove. With the Phone Smart Touch Screen Texting Gloves, you will be able to keep your hands warm during winter and effortlessly use your touch screen phones at the same time. These gloves are one size fits all and will keep your hands toasty warm. Compatible with all touch screen devices. With these super warm and comfortable touch screen gloves, you can operate your touch screen phones accurately, comfortably and effortlessly.

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